Fellow lefties,

Are you feeling frustrated? Fed up? Enraged? You’ve come to the right place. You see, the right has been coining slogans to express their anger for years (say, ahem, “Drill, Baby, Drill” or “Obamacare”), whereas we liberals often struggle to articulate our angst. Instead, we beat ourselves up about poor marketing strategies or just throw up our hands.

But we can’t do that this time. With Republican obstructionism threatening everything we voted for and healthcare reform at its most pivotal stage, a few of us have decided that what the left needs right now is a few good slogans. That’s right - let’s find our catharsis through creativity, not kvetching. Even better, let’s get our message out to the mainstream in a way that’s memorable, effective and perhaps even over the top. (hey, maybe we’re finally learning from the right-be heard at all costs!)

And what better way than bumper stickers? Yeah! Buy one, buy ten – and plaster them on everything that moves. Whatever helps to bring down your ire, bring up the momentum and help us all fight back. Got a slogan you think we need to get to the presses? Email us now. We certainly feel a lot better having drafted a few zingers ourselves, and we want you to have the same release. Plus, Obama needs us all to put our heads together instead of tearing our hair out right now.

And speaking of our president, he’s not perfect, but you can’t deny he’s been working tirelessly for the cause. He’s put healthcare on the minds and lips of every American – and amazingly, he’s hasn’t lost his cool despite the ugliness in Washington. But don’t think even for a minute that he’s the only one being obstructed by Republicans. If you voted for Obama, the GOP is in fact obstructing YOU. Your family. And everything you (and the 63 million others who elected him) voted for, including affordable healthcare, environmental leadership, social justice, financial regulation, responsible foreign policy and much more.

Are you going to let that happen? We didn’t think so. Get a bumper sticker today and let’s get healthcare reform – not to mention the progressive agenda – back on track. We waited eight years, and now is our time to make it happen. Express yourself at every stoplight!

In solidarity,
The Southwest Sloganeers


Liberal Slogan Bumber Stickers; Out-Slogan the GOP!

Tell a friend about us!$4.50 for the first bumper sticker and $2.00 for each additional sticker!

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