Who are The Southwest Sloganeers?

Just your average pent-up liberals in a swing state. With political tension at peak levels, and our blood pressure rising by the minute, we decided to channel our emotions into slogans that might resonate with other frustrated lefties – and get independents and conservatives to think twice. It was certainly healthier than the other options.

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Liberal Slogan Bumber Stickers; Out-Slogan the GOP!

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Grand Obstructionist Party Don't spill your tea on my healthcare Grand Obstacle to Progress
Impeach the Supreme Court 5 Republicans Just Say No Jesus Cared for the Sick, why can't Republicans?
Tea Parties are "Me" Parties, Support Healthcare for all Note to Supreme Court: America Wasn't for SALE! Grand Obstacle to Peace
Health Care reform is not Socialism, It's a moral RESPONSIBILITY! Pro Life? Then how could you let people die without Health Insurance? Sick? Can't get healthcare?  Thank a REPUBLICAN!